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   Suan Prung Psychiatric Hospital is the third oldest Psychiatric hospital in Thailand. The hospital was first established on December 17, 1938 in the nearby Lampang province. In 1947, the hospital was moved to Chiang Mai Province and became one of the 21 Psychiatric Hospitals operated by Thailand’s Department of Mental Health. Today, Suanprung Hospital serves its community with nearly 60,000 outpatient visits annually and caring for up to 700 Psychiatric inpatients daily. Suanprung Hospital works hard to serve a large community that encompasses the majority of Northern Thailand. The region includes thirteen provinces with a population of nearly ten million people. Suanprung’s efforts go beyond acute care; the Huay Din Dum rehabilitation center located in the Hang Dong district reintegrates the chronically mentally ill to our community. With some 340,000 square meters, the innovative center prepares patients for returning to society by providing intensive vocational therapy.
   Suan Prung Psychiatric Hospital, which was established in 1947, is a 700-bed hospital under the supervision of the Department of Mental Health, Ministry of Public Health. It is located at 131 Changloe Road, Hai Ya Sub-district, Muang, Chiang Mai.


To excel in solving mental health problems across the country, especially those arising from alcohol-related disorders, and to develop systems of mental health and psychiatric services in Regional Health 1 and 2. 


To study, research, develop, promote, and pass on knowledge and technology concerning mental health and psychiatry, especially the problem of mental health caused by alcohol-related disorders, using a good management system, and to treat, rehabilitate, and prevent mental health disorders in the general population.


1. Patients with alcohol problems are treated across the country and never return to drinking habits.

2. Standardized holistic treatment services are provided to patients with mental health and psychiatric problems, focusing on those with the most complicated, complex, chronic, and severe problems.  
3. The general population in the areas of responsibility is supervised and can access mental health and psychiatric services easily.
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