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Excellence Center for Alcohol-Related Disorders (ECARD)

The Excellence Center is responsible for analyzing, planning and coordinating to support and develop outstanding treatment for people with mental health problem who are affected by alcohol-related disorders.


To gain better understanding in how alcohol-related disorders related to people with mental health problem using clinical approaches. This will be done through research and provide counseling and treatment for people suffering from mental health problem due to alcohol-related disorders.
To promote and cooperate with other health institutes to resolve issues arise from alcohol-related disorders both domestically and internationally.
To coordinate and collect data related in solving alcohol-related disorders problem by supporting, preventing, treating and rehabilitating.

Scope of Services

The Excellence Center for Alcohol-Related Disorders was established on October 2013 which consist of 3 sectors, which are:

1) Research and Development Sector

Specialize center for research using clinical cases of alcohol dependence at Suanprung Psychiatric Hospital and acquiring locals to form the clinical models for alcohol dependence treatment.

2) Training Sector

To share the knowledge and technology by providing training, seminars and conferences for both health and other associate professionals to improve the understanding on the prevention and treatment for alcohol dependence. This service will be provided to both within and outside the organization.

3) Database and Planning Sector
  To establish the database on the information collected on alcohol dependence treatment.
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